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The original vol. Thorough articles familiarize readers with animals found everywhere on the globe, detailing their life cycles, predators, food systems, overall ecology and much more. Staying true to the original scientific pedigree, Gale enlisted prominent advisors and contributors from the international scientific community to incorporate recent developments in the animal world.

Our new editions of Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia are sure to serve the needs of students at every academic level.

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While Gale strives to replicate print content, some content may not be available due to rights restrictions. Call your Sales Rep for details. Bernhard Grzimek hoped his original encyclopedia would disseminate knowledge of the animals and love for them. This is also a goal of the revised edition; it does not disappoint. Authoritative writing in a style accessible to the general reader, comprehensive coverage, a taxonomic arrangement to facilitate comparison between species, consistent organization, ample color illustrations and photographs, incorporation of current research, and the inclusion of conservation status and the significance of the animal to humans make Grzimek's an excellent choice for academic, large public, and special libraries.

Now this acclaimed encyclopedia is being completely revised to incorporate more than 30 years of scientific knowledge and discovery Retaining the character of the first edition, the editors focused on updating the information and revising the text, but the most significant change is a vastly improved structure. Well-organized sections replace the long, endless narratives characteristic of the first edition, thus making the revised edition much easier to use, especially for the nonbiologist Over 5, color illustrations and 3, maps were created specifically for this edition.

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Approximately 3, new color photographs are included as well Even after 30 years, the original Grzimek's is still considered a core title for reference collections. Biologists and nonbiologists alike will appreciate the excellent organization, well-written text, and beautiful illustrations. Gale will also publish e-books of the volumes, available through netLibrary, as the printed editions come out. Judging from the volumes released thus far, users will not be disappointed with this new edition. Highly recommended for all types of libraries. Expanded from 13 to 17 volumes, it includes recent knowledge and is repackaged with new photographs, drawings, and layout.

The original work used narrative style, but the second edition divides chapters into specific topic areas, still enjoyable to read but easier to find I find this also in the german ebay.

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Hello, I have the 17 volumes of this series in eBook form. If anyone would like eBook copies of any of these volumes, feel free to send me a PM and I will upload the requested item s to a filesharing host. I should note that these copies are from a Second Edition reprint done in possibly They are quite voluminous - maybe - pages in each volume. Lesley castlerigg Thanks for this tip. I had heard of this before but can you or someone tell me exactly what each of the volumes are or what volumes contain what animals? I am mainly interested in the volumes with all the hoofed animals, zebras, camels etc.

Schleichzoo wrote: Thanks for this tip. Vol 12, Mammals III includes the horse side of the horse family. Vol 13 Mammals IV, is all the hooved mammals except the horses.

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Rhinos, tapirs, hippos, deer, camels, giraffes, everybody else is in this volume. Yes, i did as it seems I know these animal encyclopedia very well, and Prof.

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He was the director of the German Frankfurter Zoo also in that time Those books were already expensive when they came out, and they are stil one of the best resourses to find out about wildlife! I am happy, my zoo needs not this things!!! The volumes that I have are from the earlier, volume set. I don't know if the volume set has as many Helmut Diller illustrations. Lesley castlerigg I think Helmut's images are in the original 13 volume set. Could you post a couple of photos of the front cover of one of the mammal volumes so I can see what to look out for online?

Also another photo of an open page with some of Helmut's zebra or antelope images?

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