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Jacobson Eds. Opening the circle of pursuit and distance. Family Process, 52 , 19— Willi, J. The concept of collusion: A theoretical framework for marital therapy. Family Process, 23 , — Zeitner, R. Self within marriage: The foundation for lasting relationships. Whatever the reason, many couples find talking about sex hard and even embarrassing.

But talking about sex together with a therapist, whatever the problem, may not only provide a sense of relief but can be hugely rewarding as you both work towards restoring the well-being of your relationship. Infidelity, lies and betrayal often rock the foundations of a relationship. Powerful feelings of hurt, anger, jealousy, guilt, and sometimes a desire for revenge can prove very difficult to manage.

If this seems relevant for your difficulties, you may have overwhelming fears that your relationship is not going to survive. Fearing the loss of your relationship, and your home base, is one of the most stressful things in life. But infidelity need not signal the end of a relationship. With help, many couples do survive.

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Sometimes infidelity is a symptom of pre-existing problems within the relationship and once these problems are addressed you may both actually find that you become even closer and more intimate than you were before. Problems with family members, children, or in-laws. Or a bereavement in the family. Couples therapists try to help you work through and address a host of problems you might be facing. Through talking together with your therapist you can strengthen your understanding of the difficulties you face and together develop a way of moving forward.

Getting to couples therapy can be the most difficult hurdle to overcome — telling your partner that you want couples therapy and making that call to the therapist. Couples usually arrive for their first session feeling very anxious. At last the problems in the relationship are being taken seriously.

Also the fact that both members of the couple are prepared to invest in their relationship is itself evidence that they care and the relationship really matters. Telephone us on or Contact us for an informal chat to see if couples therapy could help you and your partner.