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I wish I knew a good substitute for Vacherin, as I am not able to add it to my Gruyer and Appenzellar cheeses this time I've always added it. I tried this recipe and it was wonderful. It had been so long since I had a good fondue and this one scored all the high marks. I didn't have Laughing Cow but instead threw in a bit of Brie The fondue was still delicious and creamy, although I won't claim it was the Brie, but it certainly didn't hurt! Sorry but you got the bagna caoda thing all wrong. It is a hot sauce made with anchovies, garlick, bread cooked very slowly in olive oil till it becomes a paste.

You dip vegetables in it, not bread. Take it from a real piemotese. A week or so ago we made a cheese fondue and we made it from lots of grated old cheese, garden herb stock and a bit of Danish Blue, it was the first 'selfmade' cheese fondue I ever ate always the prepackaged ones and it is so delicious! Next time, I'll try Martha's recipe for sure!! Alex Miami. For decades Miami was not hit by a long period of cold weather and Thanks for all posts that certainly fired this historical moment Have you all an excllent !!!

Alex and Gaga, you don't need a fondue pot, I've used a double boiler many times, for both cheese and chocolate. I've even used a silver metal mixing bowl inside a regular saucepan with 2 inches of water. This is one of the few proper swiss fondue recipes that I came across in the english speaking internet. I'm swiss myself and fondue is one of my favourite dishes during the cold season which is quite long in switzerland Good quality at least medium aged Gruyere and Vacherin Fribourgeois are both essential for a tasty fondue.

The fondue will only be as good as the cheese you put into it. And if you want to do it the real fribourgeois way you always have to stir the fondue in an "eight figure" while having it on the stove until the cheese is molten. The guys in the valais swear on stirring only in one direction to not destroy the cheese fibers Thanks for this post. Your pics remind me of my friend here in the Philippines married to a Swiss gentleman from Berne who owns a Swiss resto called "Vieux Chalet" in the eastern part of Metro Manila our National Capital Region.

She was the one who introduced me to fondue and the Swiss cuisine. I really loved it. I never bought a fondue set because I wasn't sure if it was difficult to clean or not, and how exactly one should be handling it. I only had fondue once, and the family that treated us to it also put a bowl of beluga caviar on the table they used the ones on www. It was very delicious. Easy cleaning of a fondue pot is by soaking it in cold water. Cold water is the key!

This way, remaining bits of cheese will come off easily. I am from Washington D. I have a dear friend who is from Zurich. She has the same recipe except she adds nutmeg and black pepper. I have had many compliments when I have made this fondue. We once made it outside in my daughter's primary school as a neighborhood get together.

All in all we had 7 pots going and many different variations but my girlfriend's recipe was the hands-down favorite! The secret to outside fondue is to cover the pot with tin foil after putting in garlic and wine and let it really heat up before adding the rest. This way it does not take forever to get the cheese to melt. I'm a proper Swiss and I don't like Cheese Fondue. But I approve of your recipe, it looks and sounds like the real deal and not everything considered "real" Swiss is in fact real.

It's delicious. Alfredo R. It is your Martha's recipe. How true it is that people find something simple and delicious, like this fondue recipe and immediately try to change it by introducing changes, which are conducive to results that change everything and, frankly, ruin a good thing. I grew up eating fondue and have never changed it.

It turned out to be nothing but a place where the only fondue there was the name, while what they offered was a rare mixture of flagrant changes, which tasted like anything but fondue. Thank you so much for keeping your recipe or rather Martha's on the website, so older people like me could refresh the memory and enjoy it again, prepared as it should be. John Lauber. I need to check and see if my mom's fondue pot is in the attic still or if I returned it to her.

In any event, my grandmother used to add a bit of New York cheddar to her Emmenthaler and Appenzeller. Apparently my grandfather Swiss born but emigrated to the US when he was 13 and started working as a cheese maker in up state NY apparently he approved. When my mom and dad used to serve it at parties, if the bread fell off of your fork while dipping, you had to take a shot of Kirsch.

I think my grandfather might scoff at the processed cheese being added. Although he might like it with Limburger. Ha ha. This was a super read Today I told my mother to visit me and I had big plans to make the fondue as I knew it. Sadly and tormented I have to settle what is available in my neighbor as it was a spontaneous event.

No Kirsch No Emmethaler All the same I am looking forward to it and I got wonderful artisan sourdough bread So wish me luck ;-. I once had a pot purchased in Germany exactly like this one. Some borrowed and broke it. I would love to replace it, any sources? As expats living in Switzerland, we were treated to a generations-old Swiss fondue two weeks ago by some friends. I was excited to replicate the secret recipe, and found this one to be excellent. Although I forgot the Laughing Cow, mine turned out exceptionally smooth and well integrated I did heat the wine just to the point where little bubbles formed.

Using a fork was the most effective tool for blending the melting cheese. At the same time, I felt the cheese needed a bit more kick. Next time I will add the lemon juice and black pepper. Rather than buying a high-quality bag of moite-moite, I will grate and mix my own too.

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Definitely a great treat. We were lucky enough to be taking a friend to Gruyeres and so the bread we used was a local crusty brown variety. Very good indeed. Thank you so much! We were in Bruni, Switzerland just last month and were served fondue in our hosts home. We went with her to buy the cheese and bread, then worked in the kitchen while she prepared it. She used 3 cheeses: Appenzeller, Gruyere, and Vacherin Fribourgeois. It was fabulous! Thank you for going in to so much detail.

Now I feel I'll be able to replicate that wonderful experience for my husband's birthday this month. He'll be SO surprised! I didn't realize that the Fondue was actually meant to be the whole meal, even though that's how it was served to us. So funny, right? But now that I know I'm sticking with it!

Cheese Fondue Recipe With Cognac or Brandy

Thank you for this recipe. I've only tried cheese fondue once, in a fake "alpine" restaurant on a Japanese mountainside staffed by college students dressed like Heidi, and it was so very nasty that it put me off fondue for life.

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It's a big huge deal for the foodies. Heck, even the non-foodies are pissed.

Your thoughts? My father It's a fairly well established tradition in many Swiss families that the father cooks the fondue usually also adds some nutmeg and pepper for flavouring. He also adds about cut up garlic cloves to the fondue. Instead of bread, which we always serve with fondue, you can also dip pears and pre-cooked potatoes, if bread is not suitable. Sometimes my parents substitute the white wine and kirsh with apple cider if somebody doesn't drink alcohol. The taste is almost the same.

If you have too much fondue cheese we sometimes buy too much on purpose , you can put slices of the cheese on bread slices and bake it in the oven. You can also freeze the cheese before doing that. It's a pretty quick and easy dinner. DanS MyEasyChin Nice Fondue! Thanks for sharing the cheese blends! Gosh sooo yummy, always loved melted cheese and bread, only problem, do not own a fondue set, will have to figure out what to heat cheese with. Villi in Reggio When you talk about the fondue hype in the 70's, feel free to add Italy to the list: my parents got married in and they also got a fondue bourguignonne set.

I never made cheese fondue before, this evening I'll be fallowing your recupe step by step, the only difference being that I won't use vacherin fribourgeois since I can't find them. I have gruyere, maybe I'll add an Emmenthaler the real one but I already know how it melts. Thanks for you recipe, I came here after S sch from alt. Bon appetit :. Thank you for this great recipe. My family has been having fondue for Christmas Eve dinner for 50 years. It all started when my father went on a business trip to Europe in the early s and brought back a fondue pot.

Many years ago I saw a television show in the U. As an adult I have spent a lot of time in Switzerland-one of the most beautiful places on earth! It's inherited from my Swiss mother in law When I spent some time in Switzerland this is more than 20 years ago we served fondue in the piste top cafe I worked in.

From memory, an egg and kirsch was often added to the pot and mixed in with the final bit of cheese. Does my memory serve me right? Thanks, Maki, for this wonderful fondue recipe! My mother used the same recipe as Martha with the addition of black pepper and nutmeg and without the Laughing Cow. I feel a real kinship with you as we share some of the same cultural influences -- Swiss and Japanese.

I spent 12 wonderful years in Nagoya. It seemed completely normal to find a fondue recipe on a Japanese blog! Thanks again. Hannah B. Thanks for posting this and including eating instructions, it was wonderful to use such an authentic recipe! I made it today first time making fondue!

The recipe is now copied out and titled 'Martha's Fondue', I will use it for many years to come :. I have an exchange student from Switzerland and are throwing her a party to celebrate her 18th birthday. How would I add more fondue to the pot as we run low? We have about 30 people coming. This is my Grandmothers exact recipe. She died in at the age of She came from La Chaud Fond in Switzerland.

We did not have a stand and fondue dish but stood around the coal stove with dinner forks dipping in the pot. That last bit of crusted cheese was for me her favourite grandson. She had a firm rule that we children could not drink any liquid including water for at least one hour after eating La Fondue as we would get drunk in her own old wives tale I guess. I remember it all fondly and at least once a year I make it. Thank you for the recipe. We are planning to close with a great fondue with some good friends and this recipe has made me impatient.

As to what to drink with fondue, this may seem sacrilegious to fondue purists, but i don't drink anything but red wine, and i find that it goes just perfectly with the cheese. I was born in Switzerland and have lived in the U. The recipe is the real deal, except we never used the processed cheese, but I'm going to try to add it anyway. I especially appreciate the real proportions, my mother used to say, use gr. In my family we eat fondue twice a year, on Christmas Day and during our annual family reunion in late summer. Always use freshly ground pepper as a finishing touch. Gluten-sensitive people can use boiled red-skin potatoes, it's delicious, and I always have to have some on hand because everyone loves the combination, but a crusty baguette is best otherwise, never sourdough bread!

Tradition says that if you are a man and drop your bread in the fondue, you have to pay for the next bottle of wine; if you're a woman, you have to kiss the man on your left. I always serve raclette-specific condiments with my fondue: cornichons and pickled cocktail onions--they temper down the greasiness of all that cheese.

Everything looks absolutely correct to my swiss eyes. Let me just add these small corrections:. It's origin is controversial. In Valais, it's often a fromage d'alpage Alp cheese or Raclette. In the German part of Switzerland, it's often Emmenthal but in the french part, we will never use it. Fendant is the generic name used for Chasselas wine coming from Valais.

They cut the used clove in small pieces and add it to the pot. Doing that way, you can randomly get a small piece of garlic while eating the fondue, which is a nice surprise for garlic lovers. Usually the cooker ask their guests if they like garlic before doing it. With guests or in a restaurant, the usual way is to provide a pepper mill next to the pot. If they agreed, pepper is added generously and the first people to dip mix it all with his first piece of bread.

If not, people add pepper in their own plate and gently roll their bread covered in cheese in it. IMHO, the best way is to drink kirsch separately. This way, before dipping it into the pot, you can slightly dip your bread into your glass from time to time as written here. A nice change! I enjoyed reading -in English- this recipe and tips about the Swiss fondue. I am a Swiss living in the US, since recently. As a good valaisanne, I would add that in our canton we replace the vacherin by an alpine cheese from Valais and this is definetely my favorite version. For the "laughing cow" I personally never saw it in Switzerland.

In Savoir French Alps they do their savoyarde fondue with Comte. About the big sequel! Skip to main content. A Proper Swiss Cheese Fondue. Equipment needed for a proper Swiss cheese fondue So, what do you need for la fondue? The cheeses and other things in the sauce The cheese sauce is usually made up of 2 or more types of cheese.

The bread In Switzerland, only bread is dipped into the cheese. So, let's make fondue! A generic 'Swiss Cheese' will not do. Dissolve the cornstarch in the kirsch. Set aside. So, there you have it. A proper Swiss cheese fondue, eaten the Swiss way. What to drink with a fondue, and what's for dessert The same wine that you put into the fondue would be perfect. If you can't use alcohol for some reason Do remember that this sauce is properly cooked on the stovetop, not just heated through until the cheese melts, so most of the alcohol content will evaporate.

Submitted by maki on If you enjoyed this article, please consider becoming my patron via Patreon. Comments stefan 27 December, - Permalink. SBS 27 December, - Permalink. Amy S 27 December, - Permalink. Max 27 December, - Permalink. Actually, my mother did add "Laughing Cow-style" cheese into the fondue too. Altough by insufficient stirring and overheating, you still can make it separate. Jim 31 December, - Permalink. And to think I found this website hunting for a soba tsuyu recipe! Yours looks great! Marlene 8 November, - Permalink. Jup 28 December, - Permalink. Thanks again!!

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Making Swiss Cheese Fondue - David Lebovitz

Alex Miami 9 January, - Permalink. Christian 21 May, - Permalink. Shoshana — December 10, am Reply. Theresa — December 10, am Reply. This sounds amazing!! We love cheese almost as much as chocolate! Megan — December 10, am Reply. Melanie Carmel Moments — December 10, am Reply. Catherine — December 10, am Reply. Jeffrey — December 10, am Reply. Susan Jordan — December 10, am Reply. This is amazing!!! Your giveaway series has been so fun.

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Dandi D — December 10, am Reply. I usually just serve cheese on a platter with sausage and crackers. Veronica Stafford — December 10, am Reply. Sarah Broma Bakery — December 10, am Reply. Danielle — December 10, am Reply. It would be so fun to do a fondue party! Sheri — December 10, am Reply. Liz Floating Kitchen — December 10, am Reply. Marnely Rodriguez-Murray — December 10, am Reply. Diane Siniscalchi — December 10, am Reply. I would love to make your cheese fondue. Sarah P. Melissa LiVoti — December 10, am Reply. Patricia Shepard — December 10, am Reply. I always have a cheese plate out — everybody loves cheese!

CakePants — December 10, am Reply. Tara — December 10, am Reply. Sarah Wilson Burke — December 10, am Reply. Liz — December 10, am Reply. Amy — December 10, am Reply. Jennifer — December 10, am Reply. Maggie — December 10, am Reply. Lauren — December 10, am Reply. Ellie — December 10, am Reply. Lauren P. Karen Day — December 10, am Reply. Sandy headtke — December 10, am Reply. This fondue would take me up several levels. Kate — December 10, am Reply.

Peggy — December 10, am Reply. I love a good runny brie with champagne grapes and bread rounds! Mattie — December 10, am Reply. Tom — December 10, am Reply. I would use it to host my family for dinner in my new house with my fiancee! Leslie — December 10, am Reply. I like making brie wrapped in phyllo dough topped with cranberries, so good! I love love cheese. Asiago, Brie, fontina, goat cheese—bring it on! Josie — December 10, am Reply.

Wiley Hall — December 10, am Reply. Sarah Houtler — December 10, am Reply. Sheila Eat2gather — December 10, am Reply. Nancy Andrews — December 10, am Reply. Grace — December 10, am Reply. Rebecca — December 10, pm Reply. Marsha A — December 10, pm Reply. Miranda — December 10, pm Reply. I love using Brie when entertaining and baking in pie crust with jam! Jennifer K — December 10, pm Reply.

Sarah Belle on Heels — December 10, pm Reply. Arthur in the Garden! Bonnie June — December 10, pm Reply. Mary O. Marnie Holdefer — December 10, pm Reply. Mary K. TinaLouise — December 10, pm Reply. Kristen — December 10, pm Reply. Fondue is a great way to gather people around and feed them a little before the main meal. Joanna Foley — December 10, pm Reply. Patti — December 10, pm Reply. Amy C. I once made parmesan crisps…one simple ingredient…glorious cheese! Joanie B — December 10, pm Reply. DessertForTwo — December 10, pm Reply.

April badgerkitchen — December 10, pm Reply. I love a good baked brie for entertaining or a simple cheese and meat plate. Jenna Hong — December 10, pm Reply. Kelsey Badger Kitchen — December 10, pm Reply. Allison Spontaneous Tomato — December 10, pm Reply. For big parties I like to make baked brie, wrapped in phyllo dough, and spread with fig jam. Anna — December 10, pm Reply.

Ilene — December 10, pm Reply. Patricia Pond — December 10, pm Reply. Mary W — December 10, pm Reply. Christina Bake with Christina — December 10, pm Reply.

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Michelle Myers — December 10, pm Reply. I make several cheese trays and I make sure that I try a new cheese with each tray. Amy G — December 10, pm Reply. Heather — December 10, pm Reply. Debra Warila — December 10, pm Reply. A fondue party sounds so fun! We typically use a meat and cheese tray when entertaining. Melissa E — December 10, pm Reply. I love cheese! Cheryl Abdelnour — December 10, pm Reply. Lisa — December 10, pm Reply. Thanks for the guide!! Susan Broughton — December 10, pm Reply. Claudell — December 11, am Reply. Pam — December 11, am Reply. Claudia HomeMade with love — December 11, am Reply.

Erin Clarke — December 11, am Reply. Thalia butter and brioche — December 11, am Reply. Angela — December 11, am Reply. Raquel — December 11, am Reply.

How to Make a Swiss Gruyere Cheese Fondue

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Lindsay — December 11, pm Reply. Erika — December 11, pm Reply. Holly T. I think I might make this fondue. I have a fondue set that I never use :. Tricia — December 11, pm Reply. Deb Jackson — December 11, pm Reply. Kelly — December 11, pm Reply. We could try different cheeses. Brittany — December 11, pm Reply. Cindy Aiton — December 11, pm Reply. Lois Kim — December 11, pm Reply. Renee — December 11, pm Reply. Sally — December 11, pm Reply. Susan Field — December 11, pm Reply. Lindsey — December 12, am Reply. Jamie — December 12, am Reply. Candace — December 12, am Reply.

I like to use a selection of cheese, grapes and nuts and choucroute. Kathryn — December 12, pm Reply. Sarah — December 12, pm Reply. Elizabeth Devaney — December 12, pm Reply. Shannon — December 12, pm Reply. WendP — December 12, pm Reply. Paul H. Karen Delaney — December 13, pm Reply. Sandra Gray — December 13, pm Reply. Cary — December 14, am Reply. Anne [A Squared] — December 14, am Reply.

Sarah — December 14, am Reply. AnnaZed — December 14, pm Reply. Martha Tovar — December 14, pm Reply. Amy M. Mary Clay Kline — December 15, am Reply. I love to make cheese plates! They are perfect for entertaining — something for everyone! Danielle - Krafted Koch — December 15, am Reply. Erin Clarke — December 15, pm Reply. Renata Lavach-Savy — December 15, am Reply. Laura Jewell — December 15, pm Reply. Annette — December 15, pm Reply. I like to put out a cheese and fruit tray with a large variety of cheeses.

Holly G. I have a recipe for potato cheddar chowder that is always a hit! I like to make various flavors of cheesballs for holiday parties. Kari — December 15, pm Reply. I love to entertain with a grilled cheese party! Variety of breads, cheese and toppings!

Stacy Roof — December 16, am Reply. I like to use it for snacks or finger-foods when entertaining. Julie Peck — December 16, am Reply. Theresa — December 16, pm Reply. Lisa — December 16, pm Reply. I would make the cheese fondue for my family over the holidays. We all absolutely love cheese! Caro — December 16, pm Reply. I usually just fix cheese and crackers. Would love a fondue pot to change it up. Aubrie S — December 16, pm Reply.

Linda Bragg — December 16, pm Reply. Jeanine — January 9, pm Reply. Thanks for letting me know! Laurie Grimm — July 26, pm Reply. Sandy — January 8, pm Reply. Erin Clarke — January 9, pm Reply. So glad to hear this recipe was a hit. Thanks for taking the time to report back! Cyndi Varelia — March 5, pm Reply. Erin Clarke — March 6, pm Reply. Two words: mac and fondue All ways a hit at my house and potluck dinners. Erin — September 21, am Reply. Ken Leach — October 31, am Reply. The other half of this recipe is: make Mac N Cheese using your fondue.

Heidi Jones — November 30, pm Reply. Erin — December 2, am Reply. Lori — December 10, am Reply. Amazing recipe. So decadent and perfect for fondue parties! Sommer — December 10, pm Reply. We love this recipe, and always make it on New Years Eve!! Liz — December 10, pm Reply. This was so fun for an interactive gathering!! Barbara Schieving — December 10, pm Reply. So many great tips for perfect fondue.

Brenda — December 10, pm Reply. Such a great mix of cheeses in this fondue! Aysegul Sanford — December 10, pm Reply. These tips are great. Learned so much about making fondue. Thanks for sharing. Jennifer Farley — December 10, pm Reply. I love having fondue parties! All of your tips are great! Toni — December 11, am Reply. Thank you so much for the tips! Erin — December 11, am Reply.

Such a great recipe, love how easy it is! Shannon — December 28, am Reply. Erin — December 29, am Reply. Heidi Haga — January 2, pm Reply. Erin — January 3, pm Reply. YAY Heidi! Thank you so much for reporting back! Ashley — February 2, pm Reply. Erin — February 4, pm Reply. Ashley — February 4, pm Reply. Heidi — February 15, pm Reply. Erin — February 16, pm Reply. Thanks for the kind review and enjoy the leftovers!

Ann — February 23, am Reply. What did I do wrong? Erin — February 23, pm Reply. Erin — March 20, pm Reply. Thanks for taking the time to share this review. Lori Putnam — April 14, pm Reply.

Best Formula Three-Cheese Fondue

Erin — April 15, pm Reply. Lori, I so appreciate your kind words! I hope you love this recipe once you give it a try. Rebecca Becker — August 11, pm Reply. This was soooooooooooooooooo good! Erin — August 12, pm Reply. This was so good and my family all loved it! Thank you for sharing, Rebecca! So happy you and your family loved it! Anamika Supplement Crunch — September 19, am Reply. These are out of this world!!! Erin — September 19, am Reply. Thank you for taking the time to leave this kind review!