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Increased chance of critical hit. Turret 7. Delivers defensive fire automatically.

Messerschmitt Bf 110 at War

Outboard weapon. Bombs SD Effective against armored ground targets. Bombs SC Large blast radius. Premium aircraft.

Add standard configuration to compare. Gun Armament. Indicates the capacity to withstand enemy fire. Factors in aircraft durability and the coefficients of resistance to critical damage and fire.

Messerschmitt Bf 110 Zerstörer Aces of World War 2

Indicates the capacity to damage aerial targets with forward-firing autocannon and machine guns as well as defensive turrets. Factors in damage, range, and accuracy. Indicates the capacity to damage ground targets with bombs and rockets. Factors in damage and resupply time. Indicates the capacity to engage in maneuvering combat. Factors in time to turn degrees and rate of roll. Indicates the capacity to engage in combat at a high speed. Factors in airspeed, acceleration, and boost efficiency. Indicates the capacity to engage in combat at a high altitude. Factors in the optimum altitude range and maximum flight altitude.

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All aircraft models are designed to have flight characteristics and some elements of artistic design realistically replicating World War II era aircraft. The Bf had belonged to The dachshund Dackel on the nose signified that it also was part of a Dackelstaffel. In its jaws, the dog holds a stubby Polikarpov I, a mainline Russian fighter that, although innovative at the time of its introduction, had become obsolete when the Germans invaded in The G-4 was the last production model Bf , the 1, planes that were built comprising fully one-third of the total number.

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This one was surrendered to the British in May Ferried to England for evaluation, by August it had been selected for preservation and storage as a museum aircraft. This antenna array, called Hirschgeweih "stag's antlers" , was impressive but produced significant drag and reduced the plane's top speed.

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In this photograph of another war prize WNr. Short-range performance of the newly-developed SN-2 radar initially was so poor, however, that the older FuG the smaller central array of aerials had to be retained.

Biographical Note

But the heavy tank of super-cooled liquid shifted the center of gravity rearward, making the plane more difficult, even dangerous, to fly. The loss of a third crewman and an extra pair of eyes no doubt was resented. Nor was a boost in speed even thought to be necessary, since the British Mosquito, which the adaptation was designed to combat, did not operate at altitudes above 8, meters about 26, feet. For all these reasons, the R2 system was considered useless by pilots in the field and often removed, if only because supplies of nitrous oxide often were not even available.

It was the replacement of the four nose-mounted MG 17 7. Staggered to allow clearance for the ammunition boxes, the starboard gun had to be moved forward so that its muzzle protruded from the nose of the plane. The two MG 20mm cannons on the underside were more recessed, almost at the wing spar, their barrels firing through long blast tubes. Hopp, one of the first to write about the plane in detail, identifies it simply as an R3, but the access port to the nitrous oxide filler pipe located just behind the weapons bay, although easily overlooked, shows the plane to be a R6.