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But it fits. Of course, those are my people. McKenna : Some people are fascinated by the science, and they geek out on the complexity of it.

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Some people like to read people-in-peril stories, at least if the people in peril survive. Scary disease stories really fit into a very old cultural archetype. McKenna : It was so tough. The Journalism School, Columbia University.

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Retrieved 19 March Nature International Weekly Journal of Science. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

October Emerging Infect Diseases. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Milken Institute. Compounding the problem are the difficulties in hospital infection control-just getting staff to wash their hands between patients has proven a formidable hurdle.

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Testing all hospital admissions and isolating carriers has been effective, but the process is costly and comes with its ownside effects-patients are left alone and have fewer check-ups by a staff that requires new gloves and gowns each time. Big Pharma has not helped, since companies see greater profit in drugs for chronic diseases.

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McKenna suggests that vaccines might be the answer, but it seems a distant hope-and too late for the patients whose heartbreaking stories she tells. A meticulously researched, frightening report on a deadly pathogen. According to Superbug, that epidemic is already here.

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