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Tzvetan Todorov has recently maintained that Christianity proves to be incompatible with a humanist perspective because it values human thought, action, and love only to the extent that they serve as stepping stones to the divine Devoirs Taking the contrary view, I shall explain how Mauriac's Christianity not only is compatible with universal humanism but also structures his portrayal of humankind's predicament in the later s and early s.

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After receiving the Nobel Prize for literature in largely on the basis of his psychological novels, Mauriac achieved even greater notoriety through a series of highly influential press articles known as the Bloc-notes literally "notepad" , for which he is now widely recognized as France's most distinguished editorialist of the twentieth century. My focus here is the set of editorials from the dawn of the Cold War, edited and republished in by Jean Touzot. An unknown error has occurred.

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By Fasoro, J. Rhetoric, Religion, and Secular Humanism.

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Franзois Mauriac

By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Privacy Policy. Mauriac paints an unforgettable portrait of spiritual isolation and despair, but he also dramatizes the complex realities of forgiveness, grace, and redemption. The theme is redemptive power of love. He later founded the French Fifth Republic in and served as its first President from to "--Wikipedia.

Two “Mendicants of Heaven”: François Mauriac and Jacques Maritain

Translation of "Le Fils de l'homme. She was born in Laviano, near Perugia, and died in Cortona. She was canonized in She is the patron saint of the falsely accused; hobos; homeless; insane; orphaned; mentally ill; midwives; penitents; single mothers; reformed prostitutes; third children; tramps. Saint Margaret of Cortona aroused Mauriac's interest because very little was known about her in France and because she succumbed to human love and even had a child. This interest distracted him in a time when the Germans were all over France and he followed her wherever she led him.