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The premise of the show is, in itself, completely ironic, as one would not expect a seemingly limitless immortal such as the Grim Reaper to be under the control of two children. The second television show, The Boondocks, is the television adaption of the comic strip of the same name by Aaron McGruder. The show chronicles the life and times of a ten year old African-American boy named Huey.

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Huey is antagonized by his grandfather, Robert, and younger brother, Riley, neither of which share his beliefs. Both shows are veritable cornucopias of irony and sarcasm, but specifically, two individual episodes from each show are worth examining. While the entire series appears to be somewhat mindless, slight moronic, and generally pointless, many episodes share a great deal in common with the literary forms of allegory and fable. Likewise, in these particular episodes, Grim often acts as a sort of moral compass, offering advice which is generally unheeded by other characters in the show and Mandy acts as the narrator.

Wishing is a dangerous business. More often than not, wishes are corrupted and twisted back upon the wisher. Naturally, this advice is ignored by everyone except Mandy as the skull proceeds to bounce from character to character, granting their wishes in the most ironic of fashions. However, like many cartoons with this rating, there are often intertextual references and humor which I would not expect children to catch on to. The specific details of his wish and the following scene clearly describe another television show, Johnny Quest, and proceed to parody the format of the show.

Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle arrival will cause ‘twists and turns’ for Marlon Dingle

This process of parody is repeated in the wishes of other characters, covering diverse media such as Donnie Darko , Transformers, and even music videos. However, far more telling is the dispassionate and detached commentary that could easily be read from this particular episode. Furthermore, the idea that modern individuals are no longer citizens, but consumers limited to a pre-selected menu , is echoed in the admonitions by Grim and Mandy, bemoaning the danger of the unlimited freedom of choice.

The politics of this particular episode are, ironically, rather grim and evil: The admonition to take the advice of a powerful overseer, the Grim Reaper, being ignored leads to chaos among the common folk. King fell into a coma for 33 years, and awoke to a much different world than he envisioned. The politics of this episode are so powerful and so impassioned that you can literally taste the vehemence for popular black culture.

The scathing commentary on both the nature and content of black popular culture has all the subtlety of being hit in the face with a truck. While at first glance this episode would appear to be entirely and profoundly negative, a deeper inspection reveals a rather positive and uplifting message to the black community. When Dr. King awakens from his coma, he is hailed as a hero and given dozens of awards. In the process of writing a book, he is approached by a movie producer to make a biopic about his life.

The film is completed and released the week after the terrorist attacks on September 11th, , and fails miserably at the box office.

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This particular incident leads to a plummeting downward spiral for Dr. Further events in the episode culminate in Dr. King organizing a town meeting, which fills to the brim. Looking around at the spectacle, outraged at the willfulness in which the black community has embraced all manner of negative stereotypes, Dr. Indeed, upon first glance, this speech seems to be nothing more than an outright negative and pointless attack.

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  5. But, if one were to examine the rest of the episode, Huey explains what happened as a result of this speech being televised: a number of positive social outcomes, such as graduation rates for black males increasing, and a general waking up of black America to the reality of their situation. Clearly, Dr. Likewise, Bakhtin also mentions the common factor of mixing both the sacred and the profane 6.

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    Film title: Mandy. Director: Panos Cosmatos. Release date: 12 Oct. To run this year's General Election campaign - a disaster. Typically he blamed it on those who drew up Party the manifesto. Finally he knifed Ed Miliband to try to get his brother David elected party leader, proving again everything he touches turns to manure.


    I know three party members who, as soon as they heard Mandy was trying to kill Ed Miliband, switched their vote to him. Two of them from his elder brother.

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    Which convinces me that David's narrow defeat wasn't down to the unions but to Mandelson. Here was yesterday's failed man, trying to manipulate a party that had moved on, winning only hostility for the candidate he backed. Here was a man finally and totally deemed irrelevant. How beautifully ironic that the master spinner spun himself to death.


    But what a shame he took a good man like David Miliband with him. News opinion. By Brian Reade. Get the biggest daily news stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for the purpose of sending you newsletters.

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