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Mahmood ; Hirschkind , whilst anthropologists of Christianity in particular have demonstrated how the moral logics implicated in Christian and especially Protestant practices can have agency in effecting the cultural changes such as individualization that are characteristic of modernity e. Robbins ; Keane Anthropologists of Christianity working in late modern Western contexts have also shown how focusing on the ethical and moral opens up the everyday complexities of negotiating Christian moral lives in the moral landscapes of pluralist, differentiated modernity e.

Bialecki ; Elisha ; Bielo However, as Robbins notes , to become sustained conversations, these discussions need orienting around shared resources and texts.

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Its parts are never entirely its own. He describes the themitical as internal to this broader ethical field, which also includes dynamics of becoming and self-becoming. Following Weber, Faubion describes how charismatic authority functions outside the routines of the themitical order, and suspends its moral normativity. In this Weberian primal charismatic scene, there is no place for ethics Laidlaw ; Lambek ; Robbins This focus on the nature of freedom in the moral life makes an important contribution to debates about the meaning of and limits of freedom within ethical praxis and autopoiesis.

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Whilst each of the individual accounts Faubion presents is engaging and demonstrates how his programme for an anthropology of ethics can be practically applied, this approach of applying a schematic to particular life histories seems to limit its utility for ethnographers, most of whom are likely to begin ethnographic analysis through attention to the specificities of their fields. However attending more closely to what it is to become an ethical subject and the ambiguities and uncertainties this entails undoubtedly deepens our understanding of the complex textures of social life.

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  8. I have carried out ethnographic fieldwork among People of the Center Colombian Amazon since , mainly with Muinane-speaking clans. In recent years I've broadened my ethnographic interests to address moral understandings in and around Female Genital Surgeries and the commitment to a natural scientific outlook. At the graduate level, I've taught advanced courses on key debates in the anthropological study of indigenous Amazonian peoples, and courses on selfhood and morality.

    Photo courtesy of Philip Charrier. Books Muinane: un proyecto moral a perpetuidad.

    Ordinary ethics: anthropology, language, and action – Edited by Michael Lambek

    Medellin: Editorial Universidad de Antioquia. ISBN Hau: Journal of Ethnographic Theory. Moral Sources and the Reproduction of the Amazonian Package.

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    Current Anthropology 58 4 August DOI: Hau: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 6 3 : — Delhi: Primus Books. El desafortunado hermano del tigre.

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    Anthropology, liberalism, and female circumcision. Anthropology Today , vol.

    Ethics in Anthropology

    Fernando Fedola L. Vianna, translator. Instrumental Speeches, morality and masculine agency among Muinane people Colombian Amazon.