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It has many common names like dusky cranesbill, mourning widow and black widow, and grows in shady damp areas. Although it is a deep shade of brown but looks like ebony black.

2. Bat Orchid

The flower is native to Asia and is linked to superstations that finding a bat flower means death, or losing someone close. Although, it was found that the bat orchid has cancer-fighting properties. Hellebore flowers are usually found in white and pink colours but there is a rare deep purple shade available which seems black to the human eye.

Black Hellebore has medicinal properties and was used for cleansing of the body and in treatment of paralysis.

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It was also used in the treatment of mental disorders. Again, black holly flower is near to black but is a deep purple flower. These gorgeous flowers bloom throughout summer. Although Hollyhock flowers symbolize friendship, the deep purple hollyhock symbolizes nobility. The Petunia Black Velvet is the blackest flower and was created in This plant is a very popular choice among gardeners and is known for is a striking dark colour. While many people who associate the colour black with death, associate the flower with death as well.

Many people believe that black petunia symbolizes strength, uniqueness, and insurrection. The black dahlia flower is a deep shade of burgundy but seems dark as the night. The flower is known to be mysterious and is extremely beautiful. During the Victorian time, the flower was believed to represent a commitment and an everlasting bond.

10 Black Flowers and Plants to Add Mystery to Your Garden

It has many names like black beauty, Tuscany superb, baccarat, black jade and black magic. The black rose symbolizes tragic romance, immorality, and sadness. While some people see the black rose as the symbol of mystery and elegance. Black Tulips- Queen Of Black Night Found in almost all colours, the royal tulip flower is found in the magical colour black as well.

Black Pansy- Simply Pansy The fragrant, blooms pansies are found commonly. Calla Lily- The Black Star The popular calla lily, known for being beautiful, also comes in a deep purple colour which looks like black to the human eye. Helleborous Nigger- Black Hellebore Hellebore flowers are usually found in white and pink colours but there is a rare deep purple shade available which seems black to the human eye.

Blooms in midseason and re-blooms in the fall. One of the best examples of an almost-black plant whose cultivars keep getting darker , is Heuchera, or Coral Bells. But it is closer to black than most other heucheras. The rounded, smooth leaves are so smooth they appear polished, while even the undersides of the leaves maintain a deep purple hue. Best color when grown in partial shade.

Black Flowers to Add to Your Garden

My own elderberry bush grows on the side of my house and produces soft pink, umbrella-shaped flowers in early summer. But, I love it most for its fine-cut, deep purple black foliage that adds dimension to my garden. In the fall, elderberry produces blackish-red fruits that can be harvested to make wine and jam. Not quite ready to take the plunge? Its deep purple-black foliage provides contrast with bright colored flowers and adds a foundation to the arrangement.

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So what about that Black Bat Flower? The plant is native to Southeast Asia, where it can bloom up to eight times per season. The one below currently resides at the U. Botanic Garden.