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Certain theatrically-released films usually low budget, obscure, foreign, concert, or serial films , as well as the majority of films based on Edgar Wallace novels, [ citation needed ] were also removed from the guide over time to allow the inclusion of new titles.

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Another notable feature of the Guide was that each review included a reference to the source material for the film if it was based on previously published material. Films were listed alphabetically letter-by-letter, ignoring punctuation and spaces. Articles were also ignored and transposed to the end of the title. The Guide was notable for containing what the Guinness Book of World Records calls the world's shortest movie review.

Leonard Maltin - Leonard Maltin's 2013 Movie Guide - Part 1

His 2 out of 4 star review of the musical Isn't It Romantic? Along with typically listed worst pictures of all time, the hundreds of films Maltin designated as a "BOMB" in his guide also included Miles to Graceland , 88 Minutes , College , Ballistic: Ecks vs. High-school senior Leonard Maltin was a film fan and publisher of Fanzine Monthly.

In spring a teacher introduced him to an editor at Signet Books , which wanted a competitor to Steven H. Scheuer 's Movies on TV ; impressed by Maltin's ideas for the book the editor hired him immediately, without telling others that he had hired a year-old. The first edition of Maltin's book appeared in ; a second edition appeared five years later. After a third in , new editions appeared every two years, and after every year.

The second edition of the Classic Movie Guide , published in , moved the cut-off date to Scheuer's guide was the first published, in , preceding Maltin's by ten years, and the two were competing titles until the early s. Scheuer's books had a similar format to Maltin's, except with more listings for made-for-television productions. Maltin announced in August that the edition, to be published in September , would be the last: "An entire generation has been raised to acquire all their information online from their mobile devices or computers.

These are not the likely customers for a physical paperback reference book. Our sales have sharply declined in recent years. The mobile application version of the guide was released, in , to the App Store. And often it still is, but sometimes I've got the computer so tied up, or otherwise inaccessible, that a hardcopy book is a great thing to keep handy. It is true that the Maltin guide gave up trying to list every single movie some years ago: you won't find silent movies in here, or really obscure films.

But as in prior years, it shows a movie's full title, year of release, running time, the critics' judgment as to film quality running from BOMB through four stars, half-stars included , and presentation details such as color or widescreen. And is it just me, or does practically every good movie over the past few years hit 8. You won't agree with every single judgment but this handy guide is THERE, no matter what, and I find the standardized presentation format quite reassuring.

After all, sometimes the Internet crashes but the TV and disc-players still work. It is, sadly, true that this Guide will be Maltin's last, even though there really is no substitute for it. I should note that the Guide continues its tradition of alphabetizing literally, letter-by-letter and ignoring spaces between words. Now, there are certain people who enjoy ricocheting through the latest Maltin guide, letting one title suggest another, just to see what the critics say.

I am one of them, and apparently I'm not alone since this guide with a non-specific-date cover sells at full retail price at Amazon, and even used copies of my mass-market paperback have been bid up above the original selling price less than four years ago. Keep the Maltin Guide handy, and pass the popcorn! Review updated September 7, Jul 28, Evan marked it as to-read Shelves: ebook-special-coll , reference , movies-reference. This was the last of the Maltin line of review compendiums -- suspended in the wake of declining readership in the online era -- completing a nearly year annual tradition dating back to The books were idiosyncratic, particularly as they took on a staff of editors and reviewers whose views by necessity would not constitute a cohesive singularity of vision.

Nonetheless, these guides served a useful purpose to voracious movie nuts like me in the pre-internet era. I had no idea that this 20 This was the last of the Maltin line of review compendiums -- suspended in the wake of declining readership in the online era -- completing a nearly year annual tradition dating back to I had no idea that this edition and possibly others before it? That's kind of sad, but almost a necessity with the release of hundreds of new films every year rendering the guides almost too thick to be held reliably together with glue binding.

Anyway, thanks much, Mr.

Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide by Leonard Maltin

M, for the good run. KR KY View 1 comment. Sep 09, Bradley rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction. Sadly, the last Leonard Maltin Movie Guide due to the competition on the Internet, which is basically no competition as reviews are free on here. I started reading his guides after spotting one in a library in the mid 90s. I knew of Maltin as a result of his interviews with George Lucas in the s VHS tapes of Star Wars, and Entertainment Tonight, and as I liked movies thought it would be interesting to get an idea of those I hadn't seen yet.

Eventually I bought a guide of my own and then upda Sadly, the last Leonard Maltin Movie Guide due to the competition on the Internet, which is basically no competition as reviews are free on here. Eventually I bought a guide of my own and then updated versions every so often. I think it was his guides that made me look at films in a differnet light, not just as escapism, and started watching ones I would typically never watch before, and was glad I did.

You don't always agree with him T2 is the worst Terminator? Getouttahere and sometimes there are pleasant surprises Back to the Future 3 is my favourite too but regardless you respected what he and his collaborators! This edition has finally gotten rid of the actor index which I feel is a bad decision but thought getting rid of the director's one years ago was worse. It's quite sad that the printed media is dying. Between Roger Ebert dying, this guide disappearing and a lot of awful films populating cinemas these days its all rather depressing the way things are going for someone like me who used to frequent cinemas.

Thankfully there are big TVs and blu ray May 13, Rosa rated it really liked it Shelves: books-about-film. I love capsule reviews, and since, like Halliwell, he's been doing this since the sixties and some of the reviews appear to be from then, his perspective is interesting. He's wise about movies. But Halliwell wrote every single review himself, which gave his book a charmingly idiosyncratic and personal feel, and Maltin has a large team of writers, which dilutes.

But I'm always glad to get another perspective on a movie. Oct 14, Gary Mesick rated it it was amazing. Leonard Maltin's movie guide is indispensable. Since he ran out of room and published his separate "Classic Movie Guide," I keep both copies on the end table beside the television.

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Nothing else compares for completeness or accuracy. He with the help of his staff manages to pack more information into a paragraph than most reviewers do in a column.

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And I find that his ratings are fair and a good predictor for whether or not I will enjoy a movie you may or may not agree with him--and there is cer Leonard Maltin's movie guide is indispensable. I always use it for older movies.

Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide

But I feel partially responsible for this going out of print, since I was no longer buying a new edition every year the internet is, in fact, more useful for current releases. Still, if you are interested in more than the latest offerings, there is no more reliable source for film. I will miss it--and hang onto this copy, the final edition, for a very long time. I'd recommend the print version instead of the Kindle one. There aren't enough chapter divisions for it to be easy to navigate. It takes a lot of trial and error to navigate to a specific movie, instead of hopping around the alphabet around it.

Looking something up in the print version would definitely be faster. You probably know it's not a book you read like Les Miz or Catch, but I've been hanging out with Maltin's movie guide since at least before the 90s ended. It is cute now that Maltin used to talk about how hard it was to obtain difficult-to-find-titles. It's so much easier now, of course, to find those hard—to-locate finds.

Mar 03, Kate Cooper rated it it was ok.

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Dec 26, Morgan Yew rated it it was amazing Shelves: film , reviews , critical. Maltin's reviews should be integrated into Netflix and other services. The print is tiny there is an edition with larger print however , making each visit to these pages necessarily brief. A great study of how to write concise reviews.

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Mark P. Gerbert rated it really liked it Nov 16, Maria Fisher rated it it was amazing Jan 13, Ricardo Sotomayor rated it it was amazing Mar 15,