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How do I break through the fog of social-media-addled brains? Why are we teaching four-hundred-year-old plays at all? Teaching Shakespeare beyond the Centre is, at times, an inspiring collection of essays devoted to working against the grain of such thinking. The [End Page ] approaches covered here are often simultaneously innovative and resistant: encouraging creativity and collaboration while at the same time never accepting that engaging with the text should be anything less than at the center of Shakespeare pedagogy.

It is a book predominantly committed, despite its antipodean focus, to providing adoptable models and strategies that could be applied in any Shakespeare classroom.

Dr Kathryn Kate Flaherty

Shakespeare still dominates theater repertoires and English curricula in ways that homegrown playwrights do not. It is a point well made even if a touch zealously at times and one worth heeding as perhaps the most fervent clarion call of the collection to teachers in this region.

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Instead, a far more playful, exploratory kind of teaching is promoted, one both irreverent and critically reflective. These essays ask that teachers and students rethink, and even un think, received ideas about Shakespeare in ways that build capacity for unfettered critical thinking and collaborative engagement.

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